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Eggs filled with tuna

ביצים ממולאות טונה

Eggs filled with tuna are a great first dish, very attractive, easy to make and super delicious. You can serve this dish for as a light dinner with a side salad or as an extra on the buffet table. You can make the eggs ahead of time along with the tuna mix (a day before is fine) and then just fill them up right before serving.

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“Sambusak” pizza

סמבוסק פיצה

“Sambusak” pizza is a true “sambusak” classic - tasty and good. Great pizza sauce, melted cheese inside - all wrapped in a soft dough – super-delicious. Come one, let’s get to work!

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Pasta Salad with Pastrami

סלט פסטה עם פסטרמה

Pasta salad with pastrami is one super-delicious salad, refreshing and unique which is suitable for entertaining, holidays, Shabbos meals and much more. It can be used as a light dinner or as a supplement along with a larger meal, buffet or a holiday meal. Serve it cold, and with different flavoured pastramis.

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Pasta salad with broccoli and roasted peppers

סלט פסטה

I give you cold pasta salad with broccoli, peas, roasted peppers and lots of delicious goodies. A great light dinner or as an extra for larger meals. As a bonus: 2 great sauces. The salad is recommended to prepare a few hours in advance and served cold from the refrigerator.

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