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Al Arrabbiata sauce – spicy tomato sauce

רוטב אל ארביאטה - רוטב עגבניות חריף

One of my favorite sauces, the Allabariatta Sauce, which in Italian literally translates into “Angry”. We are talking about a spicy and tingling, tomato based sauce. The spiciness of this dish does not take over the whole taste, rather makes its presence known. Due to its spiciness, I would not recommend this dish for children, however, those who have become too familiar with Pomodoro Sauce – you have come to the right place! This recipe is very easy to make and because it is also very quick to make I advise you start with the water for the pasta whilst starting to make the sauce – the sauce should really only be ready a minute before the pasta is.

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Bolognese sauce

רוטב בולונז

Bolognese sauce or "ragu" is one of the Italian flag foods. Although it is known that every region in Italy has its own version of pasta sauce - (in our case this is a city of Bologna, the birthplace of Bologna). This is essentially tomato-based sauce with ground meat (usually lamb) and red wine that is placed in a pot for a few hours on very low heat and left to cook - leave it overnight in the fridge. The sauce I suggest that you, is slightly different to the original. It does not require 8 hours of cooking and wine (although whoever wants to - feel free to add) – Although slightly different, no less delicious. In addition, this recipe I use a can of soup. This is because (and here comes the scoop) in Italy there is not always fresh tomatoes, only a few times a year when the markets have fresh tomatoes, do they use them for the sauce. Otherwise they also used canned tomatoes. For those of you, who are lucky enough to have a few fresh tomatoes lying around, please feel free to use them!

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Mushroom Sauce

This mushroom sauce, also called "brown sauce" is intended only as a supplement to “burekas”, pastas, pastries and more. It is very easy to prepare but requires ingredients that are not always found in every home. Therefore, this dish is designed especially for special occasions. In this recipe I'll give both the complicated version and the shortcut (less recommended, but also delicious).

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