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Rice with Noodles

אורז עם אטריות

Bored by white rice? Would you like to mix it up whilst keeping it simple? Rice with noodles is the perfect side dish for any meal. Rice with noodles is a mix of white rice with thin noodles which make a great side for everyone!

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Chicken dish with rice and lentils

תבשיל עוף עם אורז ועדשים

A gorgeous chicken dish with rice and lentils and a lot of tasty extras! This dish is nutritious, tasty, filling and counts as one whole meal in just one pot. Chicken with rice and lentils is very suitable for family meals and those who want a great meal without going crazy!

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Sweet rice with vegetables

This vegetable rice dish usually comes in the form of a stir fry. This time our fried rice cooked with vegetables and honey. The result is rice with vegetables with a subtle sweetness - so delicious that the pot will be empty in no time!

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Stuffed Vegetables


Stuffed vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and very easy to make. Basically you can stuff almost any vegetable or fruit, here I will give the classic fillings for vegetables, but the technique is similar to any vegetable. Do not be afraid from the length of the recipe - it's because there are several types of fillings, but the preparation and cooking are so easy, it’s not clear enough why we don’t prepare stuffed vegetables every week!

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Red Majadra

מג'דרה אדומה

Red majadra is majadra with orange lentils and chopped tomato. It’s easy to make, tasty and filling - and recommended as a light dinner or as an addition to a great meal!

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Leftover dish – chicken with extras

תבשיל שאריות עוף ותפוחי אדמה

Are you left with food from shabbos and you’re not sure what to do with it? This next dish my mom used to make from Shabbos remains. She cuts everything into nice chunks & cubes, tosses everything together and the outcome is a pure delight! It tastes so good that sometimes I make chicken - just to prepare this wonderful dish from the leftovers. It also takes just 3 minutes to prepare the dish – because everything has already been prepared and seasoned. It is quick and easy to make and of course…super-delicious!

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Yellow rice with carrots and raisins

אורז צהוב עם גזר וצימוקים

Yellow rice with carrots and raisins is a delicious and colorful addition to any meal. It's so delicious that I use it as a filling for stuffed vegetables or stuffed chicken. After having prepared yellow rice with carrots and raisins – you should probably hide it because it tends to disappear rather quickly due to the taste buds of the household!...

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