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Green beans and soy

Green beans and soy is a great and easy side dish for any meal. You can serve it with white rice as an extra to a great meat dish such as out chicken in the oven! You can also use it as a lone side dish of greens. Super delicious!

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Japanese omelet – tamago

חביתה יפנית - טמאגו בתוך סושי

Japanese omelet called tamago is soft and sweet. It requires a little skill to make it - but if you follow the instructions you will perfect the Japanese omelet. Tamago is sometimes put in sushi but is also delicious on its own.

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Asian Style Sweet Chicken in the Oven

עוף בתנור בסגנון אסייתי

Asian Style Sweet Chicken is chicken with sweet sauces from the East such as sweet chili and soy. Chicken of course is easy to prepare, very tasty and suitable for the whole family.

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Wings in the oven with sweet chilli and garlic

כנפיים בתנור בצ'ילי מתוק ושום

Wings in the oven with sweet chili and garlic are very sweet and super delicious. Recommended for those with little time and looking for something very tasty or just looking for a snack or a light meal, delicious and fun.

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Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli

חזה עוף אסייתי בתנור עם אורז וברוקולי

Asian chicken breast with rice and broccoli – This is a wonderful dish which is rich, delicious and luxurious. Although baked in the oven, the chicken breasts remains juicy and full of Asian flavors whilst integrated with wonderful white rice and broccoli.

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Sweet and sour pineapple chicken

עוף באננס חמוץ מתוק על מצע אורז

Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple is great, tasty and crispy. Suitable for Friday night dinners, holidays and children! It has great color, it’s juicy and of course super delicious. There is a sweet and sour Asian taste which is a result of the wonderful flavors of the marinade. It is important to let the chicken sit in the marinade in the fridge for at least an hour (if not more) to absorb all the flavors!

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Chicken with oranges and honey

Chicken with oranges and honey is prepared mainly in winter (orange season). Thanks to the combination of sour orange and caramelized sweet honey – the outcome is something really tasty and special. Besides, it is very easy to make!

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Fried Sweet and Sour Wings

כנפיים חמוץ מתוק

No doubt this wings dish is an excellent meal and snack when something good is on TV during dinner and you don’t feel like trying. So if you do not want to prepare fried spicy wings, here's a recipe for basic fried wings in sweet and sour sauce - easy to prepare. Enjoy!

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Oven Baked Maple Wings

כנפיים במייפל

Maple wings will quickly become the tastiest wings you have ever made (well, except maybe for Buffalo Wings!). These are sweet wings that come right off the bone and are so delicious that you simply won’t be able to wait for them to cool down before you eat them all up! I strongly recommend you not to use a maple flavored replacement - use the real thing! The difference in taste is astronomical – it will truly make the dish super-delicious!

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Hawaiian Wings

כנפיים בסגנון הוואי

Hawaiian Wings are particularly delicious that come with a sweet pineapple sauce. The combination of frying the wings with a tempura coating gives it the wonderful crisp and then mixing with the pineapple sauce, gives it that sweetness! Super easy to make, super fun to prepare and of course…super-delicious. Not much more to say apart from enjoy!

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