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Minestrone soup

מרק מינסטרונה

Minestrone is rich Italian soup with vegetables, beans and pasta which tastes great. Minestrone soup is tasty, satisfying and very healthy. So, here is a recipe for huge pot of minestrone soup - the kids will love it and you'll have enough for the next few days! You should plan your preparation well in advance because the preparation and ingredients list is challenging - but rewarding! If the vegetable is missing from the list, or someone in the family does not like it, you can cut it out or switch it with something else, this soup comes out perfectly tasty in every way!

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Kebab – BBQ

קבב עם טחינה

If made properly – at home – with the right ingredients and attention, then kebabs should and will come with the second most compliments at any meal(second to steak of course!). Here's a recipe for homemade kebab that might even catch first place! (Ok, probably not, but it will definitely put up a good fight!) Of course you can also prepare it in a pan on the grill - but there's nothing like straight up barbecued kebab!

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Chicken in beer and vegetables

עוף בבירה

Chicken cooks great in liquids and people love beer. So here is a combination of two great human loves - chicken in beer and vegetables. The beer wraps your chicken with a rich flavor and connects the other flavors to make the whole chicken dish one big celebration. Chicken in beer and vegetables is for everyone - even for children (the alcohol breaks down evaporates during the cooking).

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Meatballs topped with breadcrumbs

כדורי בשר בציפוי פרורי לחם

Who says meatballs have to simmer in sauce? Fancy diversifying your meatballs? Here is a great recipe of meatballs topped with fried bread crumbs making them crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside - and very, very tasty. This recipe is designed for those who want to diversify their current knowledge of meat and surprise your family and guests with a fun meal that is desired to eat with your hands!

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Chicken Salad

סלט חזה עוף

Chicken salad is a salad with leaves and slices of juicy grilled chicken breast. Gently spiced chicken breast prepared in a frying pan and keeps streaks in the luscious flavors - spicy citrus vinaigrette - sweet and special.

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Rolled tortilla with chili con carne and salsa

Tortilla filled with chili con carne is a great idea for those who want to diversify their dinner - and looking for a light and fun way to do it. Chili Con Carne rolled tortilla with fresh vegetables and fresh salsa. It is recommended to prepare when you have guests - great dish and an interest for the evening. Just put any extras in a separate bowl and let the guests choose what and how they want to roll...

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Homemade Pizza Recipe – A Recipe for Dough and Pizza Sauce

פיצה ביתית מדהימה

When we were little - we made do with ketchup smeared over pita bread with a slice of cheese, pushed into the microwave for a minute and a half. Today when we are set in our ways - we have a clear understanding that a good pizza requires excellent sauce and cheese - and of course it must be easy to make - because who has the power to knead for half an hour? So here it is a homemade pizza recipe that does not require too much effort. You can make it easily and it’s very tasty. But not just any homemade pizza recipe - This recipe includes one of the truly special sauces – because, if we are already making homemade pizza, we do not settle for just any tomato paste - but we'll invest a little more and we'll make a fine pizza sauce!

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Salsa Rosa – Tomato and Cream Sauce

ניוקי ברוטב סלסה רוזה

Rosa salsa is one of the most famous sauces and as such there are a lot of variations: with fresh tomato puree, with alcohol or not, with or without onions. In short – the number of cooks matches the amount of variations. So the recipe I am giving to you today is my own variation of Rosa salsa, which is actually creamy tomato sauce that is tasty and quick and easy to prepare. There are those who tend to add vodka or white wine in order to boost the taste, I however do not believe this is the case. What does boost this sauce is the one and only gnocchi!

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Chicken breast with red peppers

חזה עוף בפלפלים

Isn’t it true that sometimes you have a chicken breast but you have no idea what to do with it? Chicken Breast is a project in itself and to start frying and everything else and all the dishes that stay on afterwords! ... So, here is a great recipe for chicken breast and red peppers, it’s very easy to make and very tasty. Despite the relatively long cooking - the chicken stays juicy thanks to the amount of liquid in the dish. In short - if you fancy a little change and refresh your chicken breast dish - it's a recipe for you.

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Tomatoes stuffed with meat and mushrooms, covered with breadcrumbs

עגבניות ממולאות בשר ופטריות בכיסוי פרורי לחם

Here's a great idea for an appetizer for a holiday, a Saturday or a special event. If your planning to make a refreshing appetizer so special that it will leave a good taste in your mouth, try the following recipe for stuffed tomatoes. This is tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms and onions covered in bread crumbs - which gives a lovely crispy whole business. The recipe is easy to prepare (but takes quite a long time) - on the other hand it requires little fooling around so it can be made in parallel with the rest of the dinner dishes. In short - it is recommended.

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