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crunchy egg rolls

Crispy egg roll

Crispy egg roll

By October 29, 2015

Anyone know about the egg roll? A wonderful delicacy rolled with vegetables inside. So here's the upgrade that will turn your egg roll into amazing! - Crispy egg roll. They are crispy, tasty and surprising and very easy to prepare!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 10 egg rolls



  • Slice the peppers into thin slices
  • Cut the cabbage into thin slices
  • Cut the onion into thin half circles
  • Slice the carrot into thin stripes
  • Cut the squash into thin stripes - without the core & leave the grainy part out.
  • Place all the chopped vegetables in a bowl (now is your chance to put in the beansprouts) and mix it all together with the salt, pepper and sesame oil
  • In a small bowl - mix the flour and water until a nice sooth texture has been created
  • Take a "eggroll wrappers" and place it on a dry surface
  • Take a bunch of the filling, squeeze all the liquids out and place 2cm from the edge of the leaf.
  • Take the edge of the wrapper and cover the filling
  • Take both the sides and  close into the middle - that way the filling is now closed from 3 different sides
  • Roll up to 2cm from the edge
  • Paste the open part of the wrapper with the mix you made earlier and close up fully
  • Place the egg roll on the side (lay it on the closed side)
  • Now continue these methods until either the "cigar leaves" are finished or until the filling has finished
  • Get a battered egg ready in a small bowl and on the side some breadcrumbs
  • Dip all the egg rolls in the egg batter and then roll them in the breadcrumbs making sure that all the sides are covered - then place back on the side
  • Continue this method with all the pieces
  • Heat up the canola oil for the deep frying
  • Fry the egg rolls in small groups - make sure they do not touch each other
  • Fry for 4 minutes - until all sides are nicely browned
  • If you notice that only one side is frying (egg roll have a tendency to float when trying to fry them!) simply flip them over with the help of two wooden spoons and force it to stay there for two minutes
  • Place on kitchen towel to soak up the oils

There you have it! Now serve it with sweet chili or teriyaki sauce...enjoy!

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