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אורז עם קישוא וחומוס בעשבי תיבול
Rice with zucchini and hummus

Rice with zucchini and Chickpeas

Rice with zucchini and Chickpeas

By December 29, 2015

Basmati rice with zucchini and hummus plus herbs is an incredible and easy dish to prepare. You can serve it by itself as an excellent dinner with salad and good tahini and can be served with zucchini, chickpeas and herbs as well as a supplement to a main course. Either way - this is not a good recipe, it is a great recipe!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes



  • Cut the leek into small circles
  • Chop the celery stalks
  • Chop the parsley and the coriander
  • Cut the zucchini into thin stripes (approx 1/2 cm)
  • In a large and flat pan, heat up a small amount of olive oil
  • Steam in the olive oil the leek, celery and zucchini, until the zucchini becomes soft
  • Add 2 "tablets" of Indian spices and the chickpeas and cook for a few minutes
  • Add the rice
  • Add the cup and 1/3 of boiling water
  • Salt (according to taste) and mix until all the rice "settles"
  • Add the chopped parsley and coriander
  • Bring to a boil and cook until the rice softens in a closed pot on a very low flame for 10 minutes
    That's it! Bon Apetit!


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