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סמבוסק פיצה
"Sambusak" Pizza

“Sambusak” pizza

“Sambusak” pizza

By March 16, 2015

“Sambusak” pizza is a true “sambusak” classic - tasty and good. Great pizza sauce, melted cheese inside - all wrapped in a soft dough – super-delicious. Come one, let’s get to work!

  • Prep Time : 2h 20 min
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 20 סמבוסקים



Let's start with the dough!

  • Put the water in a bowl - Add the yeast and mix with a spoon.
  • Add the baking powder and sugar and stir.
  • Let the mixture stand for 2-3 minutes to get started and add a cup of flour and mix.
  • Add the remaining flour and salt and begin kneading by hand.
  • Continue until we get a stable and flexible dough. If too dry - add a splash of water. If wet - add a touch of flour.
  • When the dough is stabilizing - put in a bowl and cover with a towel.
  • Leave to rise for two hours.

After 1 hour of rising we now begin to make the pizza sauce.

  • Prepare the pizza sauce from this recipe - half the amount would be enough. (I'm not supposed to tell you - but even ketchup will do the work for those too lazy!...But the sauce is simply amazing and worth investing)
  • Let the sauce cool.

The dough has risen, the sauce has cooled on to the "Sambusak"!

  • Flour the surface and roll out the dough on it (not all at once - each time one-third or half) thickness of 2 mm.
  • Cut into circles with (diameter 10 cm or so).
  • Put some sauce on each circle and spread with back of spoon - and leave about 1cm margins without sauce.
  • Sprinkle a little cheese and extras.
  • Place each sambusak nicely organized in a tray lined with baking paper.
  • Gill all the circles. If there is any leftover dough, make some more circles – continue until the meat filling has finished.
  • After we finished preparing all the “Sambusak” - Place them in an oven (that is NOT on) and leave to rise for another 20 minutes.
  • Take out the “Sambusak” and coat with egg and plenty of sesame seeds.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 F.
  • Put the “Sambusak” in the oven for 20 minutes - until browned.

It's ready!

Serve with a nice chopped or mixed green salad.....Enjoy!

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